Company Details

The Boomerang Fold-a-Table(Tm) (Patent Pending Aus & US) comes from kids leaving food and drink mess all over the car and the need to be occupied by drawing and colouring while travelling short and long distances. The cup holder holds all drive thru drink containers and the Fold-a-Table has a rim to stop leaking onto the seat or pencils rolling off. There is also a pencil tray holder like a school desk to hold the kids colouring instruments. The safety shape goes around the stomach. The light weight Boomerang Fold-a-Table has unique folding legs that make it very easy to fold and store in the back sleave of the front seat or even under the front seat and quickly clips open for easy use. The unique legs are sloped on the bottom which provides an even table in the sloping car seat, the baby car seat,, lounge chair or bed. Originally designed for kids 1 to 101 in cars, its now used in the house on the lounge, and in the bed. Also it can be used as a picnic table. The different leg slots allow the Fold-a-Table to be used in a full baby chair and booster seat in the car and will fit 3 tables across the back seat for 3 kids (for most cars). There are also optional velcro straps to clip onto the seat belts, although the unique leg design act as a downward support which secures against most table movements. Fantastic colours and easy wipe clean surface makes the Bommerang Fold-a-Table a convienent favourite with mums and dads, kids and grandparents.

The Simple Cycle

25% of annual net profits from the Boomerang Fold-a-Table are donated to the Exodus who provide welfare and education for disadvantaged children and youth.